Building A Rocket Ship for Steepening Change

Climate change is at its core a ‘steepening problem’—the longer it takes to transition to a low-carbon and climate-resilient future, the steeper the problem becomes. This is language put forward by Alex Steffen and, I think, is one of the better mental models for thinking about action. The issues are non-linear and intertwined with other… Read more »

Designing a Live Service: Linking Qual & Quant

As part of the LEO Innovation Lab’s cutting edge approach to skin care, CIID helped design a service to improve the everyday life of people with a skin condition. We partnered together to evaluate and refine the concept Klikkit, a Bluetooth button to help people with skin disease control their treatment. Over a six-week trial,… Read more »

Cli-Fi & Design Explorations

One of the most challenging projects I faced as a masters student was to design healthcare interactions for 2040, twenty years from now. My team quickly discovered that traditional co-design research methods were limited by the frame of our current world. We needed to first get ourselves, and our participants, in a future frame of… Read more »

Image credit: Tom Hermans

Take 1: Fusing Prototyping & Evaluation

This post is a starting point, a personal perspective on fusing rapid prototyping and impact evaluation. It has been influenced from reading & research, reflecting on my own processes, and conversations with thought leaders. Incomplete, and probably naive, this perspective is something I aim with which to experiment, break, and evolve. “We know two things… Read more »

Connections & Inspiration: Impact

How do we evaluate the impact of our designs? How do we learn from our prototypes and make better design decisions? As designers become more focused on ‘creating impact’, we also have to mature our conversation around ‘impact’. Impact evaluation is one established field that holds an interesting potential for design. Over the past decades,… Read more »

Image credit: Francesca Desmarais

Actualising Adaptation

In the zeitgeist of today there’s a perception that design is the saviour of all, and designers—if only unleashed and given seats at the table—can solve all our world’s problems. This rings with a touch of hubris. While undoubtedly a powerful tool, at the end of the day ‘design thinking’ is creative problem solving. And… Read more »

Image credit: Francesca Desmarais

Beyond Climate Superlatives

“[This year]…has the distinction of being the year global warming captured the public’s attention. Americans witness an unusually large number of disasters, all symptomatic of what global warming portents. These included a crop-destroying drought that devastated many American farms; raging forest fires that spread uncontrollably through our commercial timber and pristine wilderness; Hurricanes Gilbert and… Read more »

Image credit: Ahmed Radwan

3 Lenses for Climate Action

As an environmentalist working in a general design consultancy, I’m constantly looking for ways to talk about climate change. In my day to day reality, climate change is just one of many issues: we tend to look at the immediate problems in front of our face (healthcare, education, the latest technology, etc.). For CIID’s 10… Read more »

Unlocking Excellent Research

During two whirlwind weeks of teaching People-Centred Research, Eilidh and I had the opportunity to reflect on our approach to design research, what enables powerful outcomes, and how to teach those practices. Throughout the course we aimed to teach not just the theory and framework, but really the underlying techniques that cultivate great research: strategy,… Read more »

The Art of Prototyping

One of the intriguing aspects of interaction design is the rapidly changing landscape and the overlaps with other disciplines and complex systems. To test and iterate ideas within this milieu, we design our prototyping process as much as we design final products and services. Over the past year alone, CIID Consulting has worked on projects… Read more »